WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE GETTING YOUR VEHICLE'S WINDOWS TINTED Shopping around for best price?  Many folks make the costly mistake of choosing a window tint shop based solely on the lowest price. They believe that they are getting a great deal, but that probably could not be further from the truth. The reality is, NOT ALL WINDOW FILMS ARE CREATED EQUAL ... and neither are the manufacturers, the shops & the installers. When it comes to window tint, you certainly want to get it done right the first time because it is something that you have to live with for years to come and having them redone later can be an expensive, potentially damaging, and a time consuming ordeal. 

There are a few things that you should know and consider before getting your windows tinted:

  • -The quality of the film and the manufacturer (there are dozens)
  • -The type of film (yes, there are different types)
  • -The shop, installers, and their experience (there are different levels)
  • -The warranty

So what's the difference?  

Generally speaking, window tint is much like anything else that you purchase - you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, the problem with window tint is that you won't really know that you have had cheap film installed until it starts to go bad. You have probably seen vehicles driving along the road with tint that has turned purple, discolored, become hazy and/or tint that is peeling or has large bubbles. These problems are caused by film that has been poorly constructed and rapidly degrades. The adhesive begins to fail, the film delaminates, gets blurry, and the color fades away. Keep in mind that there are cheap, low-end manufacturers, decent to good ones, as well as top-of-the-line, high-end manufacturers of window film. This directly effects the cost of the film and ultimately how much you pay for your window tint job. 

Here are just a few examples of film that has gone bad and inexperienced/poorly trained installers that have damaged some vehicles. - Don't let this happen to you!

  • Not  to say that all lower cost films are bad, they just aren't as good.  Even if these films did not bubble or fade etc. within a few years, lower grade films tend to have a lower life expectancy, less performance, aren't as optically clear, and may not have as an attractive color or tone to them especially over time. 

​​​Different types of films available

Not only are there varying qualities in window films, but there are also different types. So what's the difference? The main differences in window films would be the technology in the film, as well as durability, performance, and cost. We currently offer 3 of the main types of window films. 


This is your conventional film and is made by adding a layer of dye to the polyester film along with an adhesive. This film is considered the most economical and least expensive option but also the lowest performing. While it does block UV, glare, etc. and prevent some solar heat from entering through the windows, this film is primarily chosen for aesthetics, privacy, and some protection. 


​This type of film combines dyed and metalized window film technology together in order to offer the advantages of both options while decreasing the disadvantages. This film consists of an adhesive layer, dyed layer, metalized layer and polyester layer. This combination allows for added benefits to the film including greater durability and increased performance (reduction of heat, glare, fading, etc.), while maintaining its great appearance and affordability with little to no signal interference.  This film has consistently been our top seller based on it's looks, performance, and cost. 


This is the top-of-the-line, latest and highest performing premium window film and uses nano ceramic technology. This film effectively blocks out infrared radiation (IR) which can be described as the heat that you "feel". This helps keep the vehicle cooler, more comfortable, and can save you money on ac usage (think of it as an investment). For consumers that only want the best or want to block a lot of heat without compromising visibility and signals, this film would be an excellent choice.

Other Shops & Installers

There are literally dozens of shops around the region that offer tint services and hundreds of installers. From stereo shops, glass shops, tire shops, and others. You've asked your friends and read all the reviews. You've called around for quotes on your car: 

Shop (A) charges: $99 and says "We have the best price in town."

Shop (B) charges: $225 and says "We've been in business for 15 years."

Shop (C) charges: $400 and says "We have the best tint."

...Which do you choose? 

It is highly important to get tint done in a controlled environment. A professional tint shop should be kept clean, be organized, have adequate lighting, and have the proper tools & equipment in order to achieve the very best results in a timely manner . They should also have a variety of choices in film types (not just one), a wide array of different shades (not just 3-4), and displays/samples, etc. to assist you in making the right choice. Many places that offer tint are not even "professional" tint shops and lack many of these essentials.   

Like in any other skilled trade (plumber, welder, electrician, etc.) it takes a lot of hands-on training, apprenticeship, and years of experience to refine and develop these skills to become a true professional window tint installer. Tint is not just simply cutting out a pattern and slapping it onto a window. There are many factors, methods, and techniques a tinter must execute in order to achieve professional results. Poorly installed film and procedures can result in shoddy work, overly contaminated installations, damage to your vehicle, and films that may not appear and hold up as long as they should. Most individuals and businesses that charge less in any industry most likely lack the knowledge, experience, skills and credentials. 

The Warranty

The industry standard for any "major" window film manufacturer is a limited lifetime warranty on the film against any product failure or defect such as bubbling, peeling, delamination, cracking, etc. Many inferior products come with  3-7 year warranties or none at all. Some shops give these warranties verbally and do not honor them later. Make sure you get a "written" manufacturers lifetime warranty. 


Our products:  We insist on using only quality products. We feature and proudly install Global Window Films, a major window film manufacturer and industry leader. 

  • -Global has been manufacturing their own window film products for over 30 years! 
  • -Consistency & proven longevity in their products. 
  • ​-Manufactured with deep dyed technology for a beautiful, rich tone and high color stability. These films have a "no fade to purple" warranty and a limited-lifetime warranty on the film product (we give it to you in writing) so that you buy with confidence. 
  • -Wide selection of films and shades to fit the needs and budget of most consumers. 
  • -Great reviews & recommendations from consumers, installers, and tint shops from around the world!  ​​​​​
  • *Fun fact: Global is only one of two companies in the world that makes everything that goes into their film products. 

For even more information on Global, please visit

Our Shop, Experience, Highlights, etc. 

  • We are a small, owner-operated family business and have an established shop (over 4 years). We bring over 18 years of experience and thousands of completed window tint jobs and satisfied customers. We have a passion for cars, and take pride in our work, our shop, and our reputation. 

  • OUR SHOP: Window tinting is our specialty and we are a professional shop. Clean and equipped to deliver professional and quality results. We are also licensed & insured in order to protect you and your vehicle. 

  • KNOWLEDGE & INSTALLATION: We are highly knowledgeable on all our film products, technologies, and industry trends. We utilize the latest installation methods & techniques, pay meticulous attention to detail, and posses the advanced skills and experience to tackle most jobs while maintaining and/or exceeding industry standards. 

  • PRICE: We are a mid-ranged shop. Not the cheapest around nor are we the most expensive. We carry only high-quality products, a wide selection, and at affordable prices. If you are ok with paying a bit more for better value, then we are the shop for you!

  • QUALITY ASSURRANCE: We believe in quality over quantity. We pre/post inspect every vehicle and make sure it is clean and completed correctly prior to returning it to our customers.

  • HIGHLIGHTS: Even though nobody is perfect (including us), we have consistently maintained 100% positive feedback across all social media (Yelp, Google, Facebook, Next door, etc.). which is a very difficult accomplishment in such a highly demanding industry. This is no accident. Customer satisfaction, quality products, and expert installation are the foundation and core of our business. A winning combination that cannot be beat. 

Come check us out! Contact us if you would like more information on our services!