​​​Exterior detailing involves a variety of services. Our goal is two fold, restoring the surface and protecting the surface. Which service is best for your vehicle is based on a few factors including the condition of the vehicle, your expectations, as well as your budget, etc. We would be happy to explain the services we offer, your options, and our recommendations to you.


Clay Treatment: Specialized surface preparation & cleaning product that effectively removes bonded contaminants (roughness) from your vehicles paint, such as: oxidation, pollution, industrial fallout, exhaust, overspray, tar, bugs, etc. leaving the surface clean, smooth, and ready to be shined with the next step.  

Compounding: Removes heavier paint imperfections: oxidation (paint dullness), paint imperfections and damage such as scratches, scuffs, marring, swirl marks, water spots, etc.

Polishing: Restores the paints deep gloss shine by removing fine paint imperfections, micro-fine scratches & swirl marks, etc.

Waxing: Protects your paint's finish keeping it looking like new.

"One-Step" Polishing & Waxing: This step combines the polishing & waxing steps into one. This saves customers time & money while still leaving a great finish.​

Paint Sealant​: A more superior, durable & longer-lasting method of protecting your vehicle's finish. Paint sealants physically bond to your vehicle's paint.

Paint Coatings: ​- Coming soon!

Dual Action Polisher/High Speed Rotary Polisher:

​- Coming soon!


SMALL:  Compact or small single cab trucks. Custom price by quote. 

REGULAR: Most regular sized cars, trucks, small SUVs/crossovers.

​LARGE: Most mid-sized SUVs, vans, and large trucks

​XL: Most large (3 row) SUVs, vans 

XXL: Oversized vehicles, by quote only

​*We reserve the right to place any vehicle into the closest size class based on our own discretion.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES & LABOR: Custom vehicles/wheels, lifted vehicles, excessive oxidation, scratches, tar, etc. (not all-inclusive)



For the customer that wants the ultimate in paint protection all year long (lasts up to 12 months) - look no further than HD NITRO SEAL. This is a co-polymer paint protection sealant that physically bonds to your vehicle's paint to protect it from the harsh elements and keep your vehicle looking new.

Prices vary depending on prep-work needed.

​​Add to any of these services in lieu of a One-Step Polish & Wax or HD Wax


​​​Additional paint services by quote:

  • High-Speed Buffing: For the vehicle that needs more aggressive paint work we can switch to using a high-speed machine to help remove any paint imperfections    - By quote                  

  • Overspray Removal                                
  • Water Spot Removal                               
  • Scratch Removal                            
  • NITRO SEAL:         



Regular Wash & Wax (carnauba) $70 cars (3-4 month durability)

Silica Paint Sealants $80-120 (cars) depending on coverage (6 month durability) 


Featuring our High Definition (HD) services best for vehicles in a like-new condition or those needing light restoration. All services we use a dual-action (DA) polisher. For vehicles needing deeper paint correction, please see our paint correction section or inquire within. *All prices are starting rates and depend on actual condition.

All services start off with our MVP Basic Hand Wash which includes:

  • ​Moderate bug & tar removal
  • ​Gentle, eco-friendly hand wash & dry
  • ​Clean wheels
  • ​Dress Tires
  • ​Wipe-down door jams
  • Clean mirrors, chrome, windows
  • ​Final finishing

Option #1: HD WASH & WAX

This service is for the car that is in excellent condition (newer, regularly detailed & needs little to no restoration) and for the customer who wants the best in wax protection and also to wax less frequently

We apply a premium hybrid paint sealant/montan wax (that lasts up to 6 months) that bonds to your vehicle's paint for long lasting durable protection and a deep gloss shine

  • PRICE:
  • REGULAR: $80
  • LARGE: $100
  • XL: $110
  • ​XXL: $120+

Option # 2: HD "MVP" DETAIL - 1-Step Service

Our most popular service. This service is perfect for vehicles in varying conditions and for the customer that wants to save time & money, while achieving a great shine and protection at a great price.

  • (1) One-Step Polish & Wax:  We use an all-in-one correction glaze which polishes & waxes the paint surface in a single step ("one-step") to remove light to moderate paint imperfections: blemishes, dullness, light swirls & micro-fine scratches and leaves a deep gloss shine (3-4 month durability)

  • PRICE:
  • REGULAR: $120
  • ​LARGE: $140
  • ​XL: $160
  • ​XXL: $200+

 ​     Add Clay Treatment Service:  

  • (1) Clay Treatment: Removes light surface contamination & roughness
  • (2) One-Step Polish & Wax

  • REGULAR: $160
  • ​LARGE: $190
  • ​XL:$220
  • ​XXL: $250+

Option #3: HD "EXECUTIVE" DETAIL - 3-Step Service

​This service is perfect for the vehicle that needs light paint restoration and/or for the customer who wants that ultimate deep gloss shine and longer lasting protection

  • (1) Clay: Treatment:  Removes light surface contamination & roughness
  • (2) Polish: Removes light paint imperfections: dullness, blemishes, swirls & micro-fine scratches for an even deeper high-gloss shine
  • (3) Protect: Apply HD Wax  (6 months protection)


  • REGULAR: $240
  • ​LARGE: $260
  • ​XL: $280
  • ​XXL: $320+

Option #4: HD "SUPREME" DETAIL - 4-Step Service

This service is for the vehicle that has been neglected (not detailed for a long period of time) and/or has light to moderate paint imperfections, dullness and needs extra paintwork

to help restore the vehicle's finish

  • (1) Clay Treatment
  • (2) Compounding: Removes light to moderate paint imperfections: dullness, oxidation, scratches, blemishes, water spots, etc.
  • (3) Polish: Removes light paint imperfections: dullness, blemishes, swirls & micro-fine scratches for an even deeper high-gloss shine.
  • (4) Protect: Apply HD Wax or (6 months protection

  • REGULAR: $360
  • ​LARGE: $380
  • ​XL: $400
  • ​XXL: $440+


For vehicles with excessive wash scratches, blemishes, dullness, oxidations, etc. we can perform our paint correction service. At a minimum we start off with a clay treatment, high-speed buffing/compounding, high-speed polishing, and then protecting the vehicles finish. This service typically starts at $400-500 for a regular-sized car.