Most of today's vehicles have headlights made with a polycarbonate (plastic) lens. Unfortunately, these lenses are not very durable and typically begin to weather relatively quickly. Most car owners will notice they become foggy, dull, faded, yellow and also experience less light illuminating from their headlights causing a huge safety hazard. Also, these headlights are constructed into a complete housing  assembly so replacing them can be very costly with prices ranging from $300-700 average.

The solution: We offer full headlight restoration services. Some car washes, shops, do-it-yourself kits, and internet hacks claim that they or you can do it very easily and cheap. The truth is they usually produce short-term mediocre results. What we do is a "full" restoration. We start by removing the weathered outer layer of the lens, polish and clean it and then apply a high-quality, UV resistant clear coat which makes the lens appear "like-new" again. Also our clear coats can last up to 2-3 years depending on which service you choose.

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